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Guten Abend! (that’s good evening in German!-i try to practice my languages from time to time)

Willkommen to my little page: If you read my little bio you’ll know this already, or maybe you already know me.  I’m an avid marathon runner and have been pace coaching a beginning women’s running program for my local running program since 2010, starting in 2012 I’ll be directing the same program.  I was coerced? I had mentioned to me that I should maybe start a blog with all my little running tips I’ve provided my beginning runners over the years, and maybe provide some insight/ guidance to the crazy world of running to those just starting out or even a new perspective for those that are sage runners. 

So for those of you that are new to running:

It’s hard to believe but I was in your shoes about 4 years ago, I had just moved to the DC metro area from PA to finish my masters degree with an internship at the DoD. I didn’t know anyone other than the Penn State students in my lab that were undergrads and they went back to PA after we were done. I had some people in my lab talk about me running the army 10 miler with them and I told them there was no way I’d ever run 10 miles in my life.  Needless to say, a few months later I started running as a way to relieve stress from my new job & as an incentive I signed up for the Baltimore half marathon (actually I kinda got conned into it by a coworker!), regardless of how “fast” I ran it I was just going to finish that thing even if it killed me (which it didn’t, I think..).  I ran by myself through my neighborhood in Germantown, I chained myself to run 10 miles on a treadmill at work because it got dark before I left for home (the dreadmill sucks :-p especially when they only go 1 speed!!-but can be very useful when it’s too treacherous outside to run). My first race back was a race called Run for Roses, a race put on by my running club, I did ok but my mom made fun of me for WEEKS that a 76-year-old lady beat me-to this day I believe it’s because she was retired and had time to run while I worked so much…

5mile race

Anyway, I worked my way up through different distance races through the summer/fall, then race day came in October, I was so nervous I could’ve thrown up-was I really ready?  Within the first mile I was going up bigger hills than I trained on all summer and I ended up walking. I seriously ran/walked almost the whole half marathon and when I finished about 2hrs 45mins later i swore I’d never run that distance again. 

Baltimore half marathon


I joined a Speed Development Program that winter to meet people and have someone to run with because honestly running by myself was getting boring & I had some weird stalker guy drive past me a lot so it wasn’t safe, plus I really hated that dang treadmill!  I was put in the most beginner, slowest pace group they had but I stuck with it. Their goal race came in April and I walked over half of it because the pollen was so heavy & it was 80 outside, my parents came to cheer me on which was great.  I decided that summer I’d sign up for the half marathon program when all my new friends said they were doing it and I was like “here i go again, this is going to be awful!” but I stuck with it, asked my coaches TONS of questions and then came back to Baltimore year later and took 30minutes off my time!! 

Baltimore #2

 I didn’t do my first marathon until November 2009, which again was an awful experience that I swore I’d never do again…yet here I am getting ready to train for my 4th marathon, and having run the Goofy Challenge at Disney World in January (~40miles in about 24hrs-but fun times!).
It really bit me that dang running bug, I just love going out there with nature and my friends. It gives me something else to focus my energy on than my work, which is stressful at times, my bad break ups, anything that is negative I use running as my release, to become more in tune with myself. When you can just be “one” with your run you really zone in and it’s like everything disappears around you…you may have experienced this or you will some day & you’ll know what I mean. 
So this is abbreviated, but still this is what I’ve been through, I’ve had HORRIBLE running experiences, I’ve been through months of PT for being put in the wrong shoes while training, I’ve run too fast too soon…seriously I’ve made all those mistakes but I’ve learned from them, you evolve as a runner everyday & you learn something new about yourself in the process.
Through this blog I hope to not only give you tips but take you on a journey through my life & my trainings. I’ll probably revisit some of these pivotal races with other posts in this blog at another date.
Happy Running!
Coach Gwynne

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