Seriously an Earthquake in DC?

So if you haven’t heard because you live under a rock, we had a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Richmond, VA…and felt it in the DC area…I wondered why it felt weird while driving. This was nowhere near as crazy as the one a few months ago that happened at 5am right near my apartment. It woke me up from a sound sleep, I thought it was a crazy thunderstorm that really shook the ground…then i didn’t hear the rain so i thought “great a plane flew into something near by” i listened for the sirens but didn’t hear it…that’s when i thought the worst possible scenario: we were being attack by ALIENS!!! …hey i was half awake but it’s totally possible….good thing I have Will Smith on speed dial, he knows how to handle aliens & zombies, you know just incase those people near the landing zone of the aliens got mutated and became zombies.

My job gave us leave yet I’m still in my lab doing my experiments because I’m a dedicated scientist…hopefully the earthquake didn’t mess it up and I have to start all over because it takes 3days to do this experiment from start to finish.

Good exercises to practice during earthquakes:

  1.  balance exercises on a bosu 
  2.  yoga balance poses
  3. diving
  4. running ahead of the tremor! (now that would be a fun experiment)
  5. doing a handstand
  6.  swimming in a pool, would turn into something like swimming in open water
  7.  jumping on a pogostick
  8. jump roping
  9. archery
  10. an intense game of jenga

Check back tomorrow for a real article on something running related.

Happy Running in Earthquakes,

Coach Gwynne


August 23, 2011. Random Musings.

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