quick plug for my business

I know this is a blog about running…but aside from running I have a passion for two other things: molecular biology (my real job) and holistic healing (a side “job”).  I’m a certified Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher; have been since 2009 but I’ve been practicing since 2002.  I’ve always had this intense intuitive prowess about me and I didn’t really learn how to harness it until college.  It wasn’t until college when I figured out what some of the things were called that I was somehow innately doing on my own for so many years. 

Reiki is a type of holistic light work, basically it realigns the energy points in the body so that a person can become more balanced and extraneous mental/emotional toxins can be removed.  I mainly work on family and friends, but I’ve been trying to branch out. I did some work for a gentleman in Boston from the comfort of my own apartment here in Maryland and it worked out great. 

My web designer started slacking a bit too much for my liking, but heck it was free and it was my dad so I felt like I couldn’t harass him too much because he offered to do it…then a guy i dated was going to help but things fell apart with him so I found this little site for people who do healing arts etc..and I made my own page. It’s not much but it’s enough to get some info out there. Eventually I’ll start a Reiki blog with more information on it but for now I have that little site where people can schedule appointments with me, oh and I have an Etsy shop as well. 

My webpages are as followed: http://www.betterfly.com/intuitivehealings


Feel free to try it out or tell friends about it…I’ve been known to turn many skeptics into believers.

I’ve also dabbled in reading tarot/oracle cards for people since college. Check out my page..ok enough publicity…i’ll try to post a running blog post tomorrow.

Happy Running,

Coach Gwynne


September 13, 2011. Random Musings.

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