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This spring I decided to run with Team in Training for the Nike Women’s half marathon in DC.  I had always been interested in joining TNT for a triathlon since 2010.  A woman in my first group that I ever coached was a cancer survivor and fantastic person.  Towards the end of the season she started struggling and she pulled me aside one practice and said “Gwynne, I’m really afraid that my breathing issues are this cancer coming back, it seems just like before.” She had been talking to other survivors of her same cancer and either they stayed in remission or they relapsed into the same cancer again or it developed into leukemia.

The next month she started to go to NIH clinical center to get a diagnosis, months later they still weren’t sure what was wrong with her.  Eventually they determined that she had relapsed to have leukemia and was taken to Texas for treatment. She was in and out of treatment in Texas for a few months, lost her hair but she never lost her fight. She was such a positive inspiration.

Last fall, I found out via her husband on her facebook site that she had passed away, the leukemia had finally worn down her body so much that she could no longer fight.  Her light for life and her high spirits despite that surmounting devastation it was doing to her body she could no longer keep up.

My initial plan was to do a triathalon through TNT, because it was a new challenge to me and I figured the best way to honor her was with a big challenge to myself. However I do not have the time at the moment to train for a triathlon but I am able to work training for a half marathon into my schedule alongside my coaching.

If any of you are reading this and you are able to donate, even if it’s just $10 it would help me reach my fundraising goal.  I’d really like to raise more than my fundraising goal but for now I’ll stick to the basics.

I’m hoping that this time with TNT will allow me to then give back to them as a mentor or coach for future aspiring half marathon/marathon runners.

You can donate by going to this page:

Coach Gwynne


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