Hey There!

So my name is Gwynne, I’m a cancer sign- I like long walks on the beach under the moonlight, fuzzy animals like cats or red pandas, cupcakes…oh wait wrong website.. 🙂

Ok so a little ditty about me: I’m a science nerd, currently a biologist at NIH working on autoimmune disorder research…so that’s my day job…my passion other than helping out people with genetic diseases, helping people learn to be “real” runners 🙂 I’ve been pace coaching a Beginning Women’s Running Program since 2010 and starting 2012 I’ll be the program director and I have all kinds of exciting ideas to bring forth!

Other than coaching, I’m fairly active in my local running club, which is what I coach for, I’m an avid marathon runner. I just started marathon running a few years ago, before that I ran mainly half marathons & below. I think the half marathon is my favorite race, enough of a challenge but still fairly easy to do in my sleep.  The marathon…well that I’m still working on my mental toughness to get me past mile 22 without cursing…I’m getting there though.  I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an ultra marathon at some point in 2012 (meaning more than 26.2 miles, usually they start at 30 miles and go up to 100 miles or 24hr running events)- I’ve learned to not say ‘oh I’ll never do that’  because that’s just when I decide to do that thing I said I wouldn’t do; as a sick way to test myself…always stay active, always test the limits of my physical & mental toughness and most of all-Always stay spunky and upbeat!..even if that means someone really wanting to punch me in the face because I’m so chipper..get over it, get infected by it and get your @ss going & just run!

So Welcome! In this blog I’ll share training tips I’ve gathered over the years, some favorite articles I’ve come across, and also document some of my training so you can get an idea of what that’s like.  Feel free to comment or send me emails, I may not respond right away but eventually I’ll get around to you… most likely I’ve read your email but it takes me a few days to go ‘oh crap! I totally forgot to email ___ back!’ So I’m not ignoring you I’ve simply gotten a ton of emails that pushed your’s further down in my email feed…plus I may not always have the time I need to sit down & formulate an informative email to you b/c my experiment may need tending to or I’m out skipping through fields of flowers.

Happy Running,


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