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After deciding to come on board to do the Nike Women’s Half Marathon through Team in Training, I came to this idea of how I could fundraise but give back to those that are providing me with donations.

I baked for a few people, which I love but really we’re all in it for the running so I offered to make custom programs for a discounted price while I’m fundraising for TNT.  I’m still fundraising up through April, so there is still time to get your own personalized program for your spring, summer or fall races. I’m offering 5/10k programs for a $25 donation and half marathon/marathon programs for a $50 donation.  I’ve made about 5 different programs so far.

A quick background, I’ve been making training programs for myself, family and friends since I started to get into distance running. Using what I’ve learned and been taught over the years I’ve figured out that what works for me and for others may be drastically different; everything from workout intensity, weekly mileage and even eating habits. I’m not a registered dietitian  so I can’t help you with that aspect but I can put you in touch with someone that can. I am a scientist by trade so I understand how the body works and what you can manipulate to get the best results from anyone. A lot of distance running is learning to be at a balance with your body and it can take a little bit of playing around to figure the best combination for each person.

So what the heck is involved in a “personalized” program and how can you do it virtually if you aren’t near where I live in DC? That’s pretty simple….you contact me with your goal race, the pace you currently run, any other races you may have before you goal, and some other information provided to me by filling out a small detailed questionare and I take 1-2 weeks to tailor a program for you.  For my normal pricing I offer different types of programs that range from just a standard program that you can follow or ones that have more interaction with me where we can adjust as needed throughout your training season.

I have a few different types of coaching programs that you can select for each racing distance; pricing adjusts depending on which program and distance you select. Ex. A 5k program takes less time to create than a marathon program which takes into account a lot more factors.  Regardless of which plan you decide upon, I will do my very best to help you reach your goals and will be available to take any questions during your training. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or bounce ideas off me, I’ll give you whatever support you need so you’ll never be on your own.

Below are how I classify the programs I offer and my typical prices:

Face to Face coaching:  If you live in the DC metro area and you would like to have a personal coach help you with your runs this service is for you. Face to face coaching allows 1 run/wk at your pace for the whole workout (up to an hour workout).  The first month will include an in-depth, in person evaluation, detailed training plan, getting proper footwear, and going over simple strength training exercises. This gives a more hands on coaching program, regardless of your ability level, I’ll work with you one on one and address any specific needs you have while we are together.

Online coaching or virtual coaching: For those in the DC metro area or anywhere for that matter; we’re all busy and don’t have a lot of time on our hands and maybe this is what works best for you. Communication with this type of program is done mainly through email or phone.  In the first month you’ll receive a phone consultation where I get your background information to tailor a program for you and find a local running store where you can be assured a good shoe fitting. Upon receiving your program you will be doing it on your own but with weekly or bi-monthly check-ins to see your progress. I may even ask for a quick video on occasion to assess form and other quick fixes to help your running be more efficient.

Small Group Coaching: Personally, I love participating in group coaching because you get to have such a great support system going through the same training as you. If you have a group of friends interested we can form a small group and work on everyone’s pace. This particular program can be done in person if you are in the DC metro area or online if outside DC. Each group member will receive their own consultation and training program adjusted for them as well as simple strength training exercises. There is a 3 person minimum for group coaching. I may even ask for a quick video on occasion to assess form and other quick fixes to help your running be more efficient.

Training Plans: Maybe you don’t need individual coaching but want a training plan tailored to you for a specific event you want to run. We can work together to create a program for your specific goals and needs. This program includes an initial consultation to determine your current fitness level, health, and your goals. Along with your program, I’ll send you video links/information about form, hill workouts and stretches that can be useful to you during your training.

*if you decide on this option I will only need to get certain information from you and will build your program. I won’t contact you to check in, but I will be available if you have any questions throughout the course of the program*

Other types:  I personally am no stranger to doing races on back to back days such as Disney’s Goofy Challenge, so I can work with you on pricing and tailoring programs for events that are similar to that with back to back running days.  These types of training require a bit more mileage and different approach to speed training than a typical marathon or half marathon program. Currently I’m not providing ultra plans but that will be in the works in the future


Reason for the first month costing more than subsequent months:

The first month I will take a lot of time meeting with you to gather information so that I can tailor your program to your needs and not overwork your system. Building a program will take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks turnaround time. Here’s a brief outline of  how the program building process goes:

1)     1st meeting in person, over the phone, or via email: go over your goals and figure out a schedule that works for you.

2)     do a speed trial or  take a recent race time to determine your pacing for your training.

3)     2nd meeting in person, phone or email, whichever you prefer, to go over the schedule I’ve made and address any questions/concerns you may have.

4)     Depending on the type of program you select we will pick a day for me to join you for a workout or I will have a day each week where I check in to see how your training is going.

I tailor each program I make to the individual based on the following criteria:

1)   Goal race, or running expectations/aspirations

2)   Current mileage

3)   Current pace

4)   Days they can devote to running

5)   Current cross training activities

6)   How busy their life is

7)   How hard they want to train, I adjust based on experience etc

8)   Current or past injuries

9)   If they want hands on or off coaching

10) Trial races to adjust schedules if needed

If you are interested in getting a program you can contact me and we can get you started, email me at If you would like to do it as a TNT donation (up until April 10th) you may donate on my page and then send me an email about which distance you are looking for for a program. (

Happy Running,



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